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Hi, I'm Gubba. It's great to see you!

I am an online influencer with a passion for videogames, lifestyle, and cooking. I love sharing my tips and tricks with my audience and helping them discover new products and styles.

I have been in the industry for several years now and have built a strong following on my social media channels. In my posts, you can expect to see a mix of fashion inspiration, product reviews, and glimpses into my everyday life. I am so grateful for the support of my followers and am excited to continue sharing my journey with them.

I would love to work with you!

I started from humble beginnings, and worked my way up to obtain sponsorships with large corporations like Maybelline, Hersheys, NesQuik, MillerLite, and others. If you are interested in partnering up, please contact me with details.

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Book Reviews

Gubba is part of an incredibly rare and unique group of people who are both extremely creative and ambitiously driven. It's why she's able to do so many things and succeed wildly at all of them. And this comic series is no exception to that.
It's as much a fun and lighthearted read as it is a critical and thought-provoking story. If you're looking for a great story in a comic series that everyone can find enjoyment and excitement in, then this comic, like everything else she does, is a perfect fit for you.
And you can always check out her amazing streams and see all the other incredible things she's accomplished over at Twitch @ GubbaTV.


Unbelievable how talented Gubba is. Between music, streaming and writing, just to name a few of her many talents. I'm constantly amazed at the work she puts out and the effort she puts in.
She's truly a talent that needs to be recognized and honored for the work she does. If you're not familiar with her work or her stream you need to check her out A.S.A.P., she's the best.


Frankie Ravens is introduced to us through this fun and fast paced story which includes some excellent art work. The story has plenty of action, humorous moments, emotional times, and is full of mystery. A recipe for a great story! I was left wondering about this mysterious Council of Librarians and I'm excited to hear more about the adventures of Frankie!


Amazing! Once again Gubba delivers! An awesome story surrounded by beautiful artwork I was thoroughly impressed with Frankie Ravens! Be sure to grab your copy today and stop by Gubba's stream at GubbaTV@TwitchTV for even more shenanigans and maybe even a visit from Frankie herself! Enjoy the book and see in stream!


Voted best live streaming personality of 2022!
Customers served! + 100 followers on socials
Her streams are always entertaining and informative, and she has a natural talent for making her viewers feel like part of the conversation. I am a big fan of Gubba's work and would highly recommend checking out her streams. She truly is the best live streamer of the year.