Camera For Live Streaming Setup

camera setup for streaming

Viewers ask me this question often:

“What camera do you use for streaming?”

They are perplexed and curious at how crisp and clear my stream is. The answer is simply this: a DSLR camera. Specifically, I use a Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera. For the complete setup you also need an AC Power Supply Adapter, a camera tripod to stage your camera on, an Elgato cam link, and an HDMI to micro HDMI cord.

Two years ago I started streaming with a DSLR camera. I believe it is a good practice to continually upgrade stream quality using the best technology. Traditional webcams limit the image quality and peak out early on. To exceed this limit, invest money into a quality DSLR camera. I emphasize the word “quality” because there are many DSLR cameras out there, but not all get the job done.

My first DSLR camera was a Nikon. The picture quality was spectacular and worlds beyond that of my traditional webcam, but the camera shut off every 30 minutes! At the time, I didn’t know this camera had an auto-shut-off timer that COULD NOT be changed. The resolution of my images reigned supreme, but overall stream quality dumped with the interruptions: I had to reset the camera every 30 minutes. If I was battling away in a Fortnite match—and unable to reset the camera—my viewers found themselves staring at a black box instead of my wonderful mug, lol. At least I was able to garner a few laughs with my community while I searched for other options.

During my frantic search for the best DSLR streaming webcam, I stumbled into the Sony Alpha a6000, and it has been a dream come true ever since! No funky timer shutting down the stream every 30 minutes, nor do I have to tinker around with settings before every stream.

The initial camera setup was time intensive: It took about 3-4 hours. I had to assemble and position the tripod in the best location. I recommend this tripod since it is durable and has unlimited options for camera positioning. Next, I fastened my camera to the tripod and plugged in my AC power adaptor, which supplies continuous power to the camera. I then plugged my camera into my Elgato cam link with my HDMI to mini HDMI cord. I configured the Elgato software to work with OBS (my streaming system). From here, I tried different camera settings to optimize picture quality. I haven’t touched the settings since! All I need to do is manually adjust the zoom for each stream by swiveling the lens.

That’s it! This will get you a quality streaming setup like mine! If you continue on your journey to becoming the next viral streamer, I highly recommend upgrading to a Sony Alpha a6000 DSLR camera for streaming – the quality is unmatched.