GubbaTV Merch Store Is LIVE!

gubbatv merch

The day has FINALLY arrived… you have all been asking for it…


Yes, you read that right. GubbaTV has a merch shop where you can purchase custom GubbaTV merchandise. It seemed this day would never come!


I spent countless hours searching racks in different shops, requesting endless samples, and sifting through a gazillion candidates to find a level of quality that meets Gubba standards. I didn’t want a dull fabric where the logo vanishes after one spin in the wash. I wanted a wholesome fabric that feels comfortable on the skin and is trendy to sport. After searching for months, I found just that. Right when I was losing all hope, lol.

I wanted a standard of quality similar to my daily attire—simple yet not overbearing. My day-to-day getup consists of comfortable clothing that isn’t pasted with brand names or muddied with funky designs and doodles. I celebrate simplicity! In the future, I may dabble in a more complex loadout, but for now I’m so excited to have the GubbaTV basics in my store. This round of merch is definitely my 1st generation. In the future, I’ll make limited merch runs to explore my creativity. Merch is yet another creative venue—and you know I love getting crafty!

I am grateful to a wonderful community that supports me and my endeavors, one that is proud to rep GubbaTV merch. I cherish the idea of building a brand people relate to and feel good representing. I announced my merch store on stream last Friday, and the support was overwhelming! The community showered me with kind comments and pictures of their orders! THANK YOU!

You can cop your own Gubba merch now and join the Gubba Squad! I’m currently curled up on the couch and wearing my cozy grey hoodie. Join in and become a part of the team with the first edition GubbaTV merch!