The Best Standing Desk For Home Office / Live Streaming

standing desk

Do you want to know something crazy? I stand while I stream. Most streamers SIT. Viewers tune in, and some are bewildered that I’m standing while gaming. I read messages like this in my chat:

“I could never stand and game! I’d get too tired” and “How do you stand up for so long?”

I used to have a sitting desk – one low to the ground and built to have a chair swivel out or under it. Eventually, sitting for long stretches became painful, and my back paid the price. My muscles ached continuously from a chair that didn’t fit my body shape and an ergonomically incorrect posture. The moment came when I realized I must change course in my gaming configuration. I was crouching down to grab a pan from the cupboard, and my back was instantly shot with unbearable pain. I couldn’t move, up or down, and I had to patiently wait for my back to regain normality.

After a few days searching for a solution, I discovered Sit-to-Stand desks, which are built with motor capability to move up and down. At first, I thought it would be tiring to stand up all day at a desk, but I had to try it. I ordered my Flexispot standing desk, and after only a few hours, I fell in love with my new desk! The setup was simple enough, and I was excited to use it fulltime while streaming—no more slouching or enduring an uncomfortable chair.

After my first day standing and streaming, I realized I must do something to keep my feet comfortable. Standing for long periods causes blood to pool in the feet. I found a solution to this problem: compression socks. I ordered a few packs, and now they are a part of my everyday wardrobe! I also wear them to the gym as they improve blood circulation.

compression socks

Along with compression socks, I ordered a Flexispot Anti Fatigue mat, which improves blood circulation since you are standing on a comfortable, padded cushion. The cushion has “massage bubbles” that bring comfort to tired aching feet.

With my new standing desk, I never looked back! Three years later, I’m still standing and streaming, and I will never sit and stream for long periods again! My back is stronger and healthier now from all the standing.

I’d encourage you to research the benefits of standing at your desk instead of sitting. These include: higher energy, better spinal alignment, and overall improved health. I love my setup and would recommend it to anyone thinking about taking “a stand” at their desks!

anti fatigue mat