Best Alternatives To A Microwave

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I finally did it! I unplugged my microwave and banished it from the kitchen. I’m one week microwave-free, and I don’t miss it. I haven’t cooked or baked my normal variety of foods, and at some point I might start missing the microwave. You may be thinking:

“Gubba, what the heck? Microwaves are just an everyday part of life! Why’d you get rid of it?”

Well, I haven’t sold it yet. Recently, I was discussing with Chat how I wanted to get rid of it, and a viewer suggested I place my microwave in the garage for a month to see if I’d miss it. What a wonderful idea! I cleaned it up and put it in storage, and I’m loving my newfound counter space!

If you read my Homestead Gardening Journey blog, then you know I’m returning to the roots of my great-grandparents! Out on the prairie, with blizzard snowflakes tapping a back-to-nature tune on the walls of their homestead house, they definitely had no microwave to warm their food. They didn’t have much of anything I have today—like a computer, or Amazon trucks zooming around the neighborhood! Our tech has delivered a layer of ease to our everyday lifestyle, but I’m finding more and more that my spirit is crying out for a simpler subsistence.

Honestly, I’ve never liked microwaves. For some reason, they grossed me out. I cleaned mine regularly, so it wasn’t food buildup; rather, it was the idea of it, the technology and mechanics of it creeped me out. To warm food, it vibrates water molecules or something like that!

From regular molecules to Franken-molecules, in 30 seconds or less! And sometimes one side of the sandwich will be scorching hot while the other is still refrigerator cold. What’s that all about!?!

Spend a few moments researching microwaves and their effect on health, and you’ll find a raging debate: articles spouting opinions from both sides of a microwave spectrum. After reading a few, I wondered why some governments banned the use of microwaves entirely or why the FDA puts such heavy restrictions on USA microwave use.

You may think this technology has been around for a while, but in comparison to how long life has been twittering about on Earth, microwaves have only been here a miniscule fraction of that time. How did humanity survive so long without vibrating water molecules for heat?

To me, fires, wood stoves, and modern day ovens all sound like a better choice. I just imagine the “micro” waves penetrating food tinker around with its molecular composition, which apparently disintegrates into some kind of food-Franken-mush.

I just can’t get the image of microscopic gobblygook out of my mind. If you also feel a little weirded out by your microwave, here are some alternatives:

Cuisineart Oven

1) Convection Oven

If you can’t make the complete homesteading jump with me, but you want a microwave-free life, then try the Cuisinart Steam and Convection Oven. This countertop oven is a great option. Convection ovens can be placed on your counter like a microwave, but without the molecular shenanigan stuff, lol. They use old-fashioned heat to cook food; they blow and vent hot air around it for more uniform cook. This oven cuts cooking time by 40% (over a traditional oven). Get your food faster and without Franken-molecules! No more preheating your oven and waiting around either. This countertop steam and convection oven is quick!

Cusimax Ceramic Electric Hot Plate

2) Stovetop

One of the easiest ways to cook or heat food is to place it in a pot or pan on the stovetop. I’ve been using this method the past week, and it works great! My food heats quickly, and the taste is closer to its original flavor. If you don’t have a traditional stovetop, buy a countertop stovetop like this Cusimax Ceramic Electric Hot Plate for cooking – It’s easy to store and highly effective for reheating food!

3) Oven

You can use your traditional oven to cook or reheat food as well! Preheat it and plop in a dish. Ovens take a while to preheat, at least mine does, so I have yet to use my traditional oven to reheat meals, but instead of odd aromas from a microwave, the original aroma of my baked goods will fill the house! I never had lovely smells from the microwave, but I always do after using my oven!

Toaster Oven

4) Toaster oven

Again, if you don’t have time to use a traditional oven, opt for a toaster oven. They cook packaged, frozen foods easily, and they are ideal for cooking or reheating smaller food quantities and working in smaller spaces. For best results, the food should maintain its shape, so it’s not the best option for something like gravy; instead, use it with pasta or lasagna. This type of appliance generates less heat and won’t heat up your kitchen and house like a traditional oven. Get this excellent Black and Decker Toaster oven here

The best crockpot

5) Crockpot

I LOVE MY CROCKPOT! This is definitely a slow-cooker appliance, but the food comes out tasty and delicious every time (I can’t say the same for microwaves.) Crockpots make cooking simple—plop all the ingredients, turn on the heat, and go about your business until it’s done. What a great, low-maintenance alternative to microwave cooking. You also know your food’s molecules won’t be vibrated by invisible waves, lol. Throw the ingredients together in the AM and have dinner ready in the afternoon, and you don’t even have to think about it during the cooking process!

These are the best alternatives to a microwave (healthier too), and I hope you give them some thought! You’ll be amazed at how much better your food tastes when you’re not tossing something together to cook or reheat in a microwave. By ridding your kitchen of a microwave, you’ll have more opportunities to get creative with how and what you cook!

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Best Alternatives To A Microwave
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