Best Reading Recommendations of 2021

best reading 2021

Best Reading Recommendations of 2021

Best Reading Recommendations of 2021

Good books are a delightful gift, filled with knowledge or adventure and sometimes overflowing with both! They teach lessons (morals and values), while enlightening us with delicate words that flow like music into our soul. Settling into a peaceful room in a comfy chair, and easing my mind into a book is always a magical moment I am transported from the world’s worries across a threshold into another reality.

If you are thinking: “I don’t like to read,” then maybe you have yet to find a book that speaks to your soul! The tale of Goldy-Locks illustrates this predicament. Finding three soup bowls in the home of bears, she samples each, and concludes one is too hot, one too cold, and one just right. By trial and error, she finds the perfect soup – just like readers can find the perfect book!

If you read my TV Cancel blog, you know I stopped consuming random content delivered via traditional television mediums; I rearranged my priorities to focus on what I consider mind-building activities, such as reading books. TV programs carry subtle (sometimes not so subtle) moral messages. If you watch them, keep conscious of these messages and don’t allow hidden agendas to subconsciously taint your mind with negative or destructive messages. Choose wisely and expand your mind into worlds unknown—worlds that celebrate all humans and the human experience!

The first two WORDS of this article are “Good books,” and the word “good” is relative to me, the consumer, and my good may be different than yours. But lately more than ever, I’ve noticed that watching random TV shows has overly burdened my mind with bad feelings and negative sentiments. I’m not sure why, but I finally grew conscious of the underlying messages: I realized to more carefully select the content I consume and not randomly guzzle it down however it shows up.

Books are not the end-all answer though, as I have encountered books that affect me negatively, with some as potent as the agenda-riddled TV programs that seem to have infected our traditional entertainment mediums.

On a recent trip to my local bookstore, as I scoured the shelves for new reads, I wasn’t surprised to see books with foul content seeping into this entertainment form also. I used a mental weapon in my personal arsenal, critical thinking, to bypass the negative vibe books to find one that offered piece of mind. I would encourage you to build your own mental arsenal to protect yourself from the current wave of negativity against the mind. I decided I would reread some of my favorite series’ and traverse into books pertaining to new hobbies of mine – gardening and self sufficiency.

lord of the rings and hobbit

I began my journey with re-reading my favorite book series, The Lord of The Rings. If you ask me what my favorite movie is, I will also reply with Lord of the Rings. What a wonderful tale of adventure and valiancy! I love escaping to Middle Earth to fight side by side with the heroes of this sphere. If you decide to venture into this series, start with The Hobbit as it is a precursor to The Lord of The Rings and a lighter read. I first read The Hobbit in 8th grade as a teenager. I fully expected to hate the book as it seemed weird and quirky, but I quickly fell in love with the story and world. Years later, I still cherish these books.

In short, The Lord of The Rings traverses a tale of good and evil in a land named Middle Earth. It is a classic story and any reader familiar with Harry Potter will see where J. K. Rowling contrived ideas for her own magical universe. Lord of the Rings is a great story to gain inspiration for your stories!

The Lord of The Rings is peppered with moral tidbits that fill my soul with elation and wonder. In the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, the company who is burdened with returning the One Ring To Rule Them All to Mordor (the enemy’s haven), passes through an Elvish forest and stumbles upon an Elven soldier, Haldir. The company and Haldir exchange many words, but I found this statement of Haldir’s particularly relevant to our modern day:

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”

I LOVED THIS! Our world, Earth, is full of peril and darkness is abounding. Love is intermingled with grief, but we can hope that love overcomes the dark and truth eternally shines bright! Writing like this sways my soul and enlightens my mind. Instead of television wearing on my mind, this comforting series strengthens my mind.

This is one of the many examples I have encountered through reading that has positively shaped and encouraged my growth as a human. I encourage you to put down the TV remote and commence on your own growth adventures! Sharpen your mind through proper tools and throw the weight off your back of modern day dilemmas!

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Best Reading Recommendations of 2021