Hiking As A Hobby

Hiking As A Hobby

Hiking Items As A Hobby

My favorite time of the year has officially sprung—springtime! The plants are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and hiking trails are calling my name (Kintla’s too!) Now I plan my summer and my adventurous outings. My calendar weekends—and occasionally weekdays—fill up with trail names and wilderness areas I plan to explore or revisit. I love watching my calendar days slip away into various nature adventures—it gives me something to look forward to!

Along with marking my calendar, I prep my hiking gear by removing it from storage closets and placing it in accessible areas. My closet transforms from winter apparel to hiking and summer apparel. Hiking boots become my most-used footwear and hardly ever see the darkness of the entryway closet. What a time to live!

If you’ve read my hobby blogs, then you know I’m adamant about filling my mind and body with goodness! Hiking is a wonderful hobby that anyone can pick up just about anywhere! You don’t need towering mountain-scapes or wandering waterways nearby to enjoy the outside. Even if you live in a city, you can find nature preserves or gardens nearby. Just go outside!

Hiking is therapeutic in many ways. Benefits from hiking include: disconnecting from the everyday hustle-bustle of life; earthly aromas filling your nose, providing peace and ease; time to ponder; and the ability to soak in your surroundings! I oftentimes feel so consumed in everyday life and media that I don’t find time to indulge in the beauty of our planet! Some people experience the earth by traveling to far countries; I experience it by exploring hiking trails in my area. I don’t need to travel around the globe to experience the goodness.

If you are interested in hiking, let me help you get started by suggesting a few books and supplies to kickstart your hiking journey.

Here are hiking related books for inspiration:

bush craft 101 book

1) Bush Craft 101

This book is a fun field guide to the art of wilderness survival. It’s fun reading about tools and strategies to survive in the woods. I hope I never need them to stay alive, but I find entertainment and knowledge in reading about them. Maybe you haven’t begun hiking yet, but you can find entertainment in these different wilderness survival strategies. If anything, you can learn valuable knowledge and you will have a better chance to survive if you end up in a remote wilderness.

100 parks 5000 ideas book

2) 100 Parks, 5000 Ideas

If you live in the USA, you should know about our national park system. This book is filled with a multitude of vacation and hiking ideas in different regions of the country. It includes Canadian national parks as well. These parks are fun to visit and filled with different adventure opportunities, from hiking to kayaking. Check out this book to garner ideas on outdoor activities that sound fun to you; circle some places to visit! You never know; you could have a super neat spot nearby that you read about in this book—a hidden gem!

american's best day hikes book

3) America’s Best Day Hikes

What a wonderful book to think about your next adventure! This book features the best single-day hikes in America. A day hiking book is useful, especially if you are new to hiking and don’t go on overnight backpacking trips. This book provides ideas about where you might travel to and the trails you might hike! If anything, enjoy the beautiful photos of nature scenery scattered throughout the pages.

You can also search up hiking and outdoor books specific to your area and see what you find.

Beginner hiking equipment is easy to obtain and easy to assemble! I’d suggest that you definitely have the following:

Osprety Daylite Backpack and a Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

1) Osprety Daylite Backpack and a Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

You need a pack when hiking, to carry tools, food, or necessities. You might find something cool on the trail. Rather than carrying it all the way back, just store it in your backpack. Food and water are important, so definitely get a water reservoir that fits your backpack. Fill it to max capacity every time you hike because it’s difficult to know how much water you actually need.

salomon hiking shoes

2) Hiking boots

Wear high quality hiking boots for nature outings. There’s nothing worse than hiking in sub-par shoes and having to deal with foot aches for weeks to follow. Invest in sturdy boots and save your feet from harm! I have Salomon GTX hiking boots, and they have lasted three years so far! I love these boots! My ankle often rolled until I wore taller hiking boots, so I have suffered through many sprains. I’ve never experienced any discomfort wearing these boots, and I hope they last me many more years!

trailbuddy hiking poles

3) Hiking poles

Hiking poles are necessary if you are new to hiking and need support along the trail. While traversing up or down hills, these save your knees. I blew out my knee a few years ago because I wasn’t prepared for the strenuous trails I was hiking. These poles absorb the weight more evenly every time I take a step, so I avoid future blowouts. As you can guess, I’ll never hike without poles again!

I hope these good hiking reads and beginner hiking essentials kickstart you into a lifetime of loving hiking! Nature allows a peace of mind you can’t obtain anywhere else, so seek it!

Happy adventuring!

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Hiking As A Hobby