How HLTH CODE Is Helping My Mind And Body

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How HLTH CODE Is Helping My Mind And Body

How HLTH CODE Is Helping My Mind And Body

I love the beginning of the year for one reason: the opportunity to start fresh! This year I’ve started fresh by nixing television, shortening my app usage time, hitting the gym, and eating healthier. These actions have improved my physical and mental health. In this blog, I discuss my lifestyle, the steps I took to nourish my body correctly, and the resulting changes in my health.

Consider the classic phrase: “We are what we eat.” Have you heard saying: “We burn what we eat”? Well, I hadn’t until I researched a well-rounded diet. There are so many opinions about what a well-rounded diet is, but I searched out opinions supported by credible research and science. With respect to the food industry, I feel we are misled by wealthy marketing behemoths that put profits before health. Case in point: we’ve been trained, or brainwashed, to believe fat is bad. FACT CHECK: healthy fats are not bad! It’s the carbohydrates that can be nasty to our bodies. And guess what? Our diets are riddled with them!

I was trained in school that carbohydrates are the most important food group – after all, they represented the largest section on the infamous Food Pyramid. Shoutout to the FDA for that noisy image! Later in life, I earned a degree in Molecular Biology and learned the classic body processes. I was fascinated by how our bodies process foods and how diet plays a significant role in physical and mental health.

Diet also plays a role in disease state. Specifically, the hormone “insulin” appears to be the key factor in how the body processes the food we eat. Simply put, if we consume food high in carbohydrates, aka high sugar diets, we end up with elevated glucose (insulin) levels. Perpetual high insulin levels leads to “insulin resistance” in our bodies, and this is bad news for our well-being. The most effective way to combat this serious metabolic problem is to take control of our diet. By avoiding glucose and insulin spikes, hunger can be kept in check and cravings reduced.

If you are a regular viewer of my stream, you’ve heard me say I suffer from “brain fog,” which makes my thought process slow and stuffy. I find it difficult to connect thoughts, and I’m slow to react. I’ve learned from my research on diet and insulin that my brain fog is a direct result of not being metabolically healthy! Did you know 88% of people are metabolically unhealthy? Myself included! Read Dr. Bikman’s article, Insulin Matters, to learn why this is true and what to do about it.

My fascination with diet led me to an established scientist and university professor, Ben Bikman. You can find his Instagram HERE. He posts informational videos (backed by research!) about diet and how carbohydrates are unhealthy. I encourage you to scroll through his videos to learning about the science of diet and how food selection affects our bodies. I love the information Dr. Bikman shares because he doesn’t pull empty science from thin air; his statements are backed by valid research!

I’m proactive about being metabolically unhealthy and changing my diet – I’m increasing healthier fats and lowering carbohydrate consumption through the use of HLTH CODE, a meal replacement shake. I’ve been using it twice a day, for breakfast and lunch for two weeks now, and I’m happy to report I’ve had ZERO cases of brain fog and no post-eating crashes. This has motivated me to eat healthier snacks and foods. I’m not perfect yet, but this is a positive start I’m happy about.

Two years ago, I tried a meal replacement program and I didn’t fall in love with the flavor, so the bag sat there unused, and I ended up tossing it. Conversely, HLTH CODE is yummy and comes in two flavors: chocolate macadamia and creamy vanilla. One meal includes two scoops. I prepare mine by mixing one scoop of creamy vanilla, one scoop of chocolate macadamia, one tablespoon of powdered peanut butter, and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. It’s so delicious, and I’m fully satiated afterwards.

I fully support HLTH CODE and the science behind it! I’d encourage you to evaluate your health and determine how to improve your diet. If you check out HLTH CODE, use code “GubbaTV” for a discount at checkout! To continue learning about metabolic health and why fat is GOOD, check out these articles:

1) Fat Loss Lose the Right Weight

2) In Defense of Fat, Pt.1

I’ve read both articles and I enjoyed learning why I haven’t felt physically and mentally fit. I’m looking forward to improving my physical and mental well-being in the next few months as I continue my health journey.

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How HLTH CODE Is Helping My Mind And Body