How To Stay Positive in 2021

How To Stay Positive in 2021

I recently asked my chat community,, what they would like me to write about. I received an overwhelming response to write about how I stay so positive from day to day. I’ve had some time to reflect on this, and now I will share with you the techniques I use to remain positive—even when I feel down or sad.

If you think about it, you might conclude that even if you are not feeling happy, you can still remain positive. You may associate the emotion of happiness with a positive demeanor, but the relationship is not always exact. Sometimes in life you must remain positive throughout a negative situation to carry yourself through it. You may not feel happy inside, but you can still find positivity.

The key is to encourage your inner self to emanate a positive outlook and bearing, and to SHOW IT in your mannerisms and actions. Taking yourself through the motions can, and does in my case, induce an internal emotion of happiness.

I have specific actions I take daily to stay positive about life, and to actually generate internal happiness. Being a positive person in a negative world is sometimes difficult. Seriously, I feel bombarded by the agendas of the modern world and I have to refocus often. How is it possible to be positive when it seems as if the world is LOUD and I should feel guilty for being positive? Well, it takes daily effort and proactive reminders to maintain a positive outlook!

Let me share my secrets to staying positive.

1) Being Grateful

Every day I remind myself not to take things for granted and to be grateful for what I have and the opportunities I am given. When you slow down and remember to be thankful for the things you have, you will feel positivity in your body and mind. It’s easy to get carried away longing for what we do not have, so remind yourself of what you do have! You will be surprised at how much you have—a place to sleep, a precious animal companion, dear family, and food in the fridge! Every single day I’m thankful for my home, my family, my dog, my meals, my work opportunities, the space in my yard…the list goes on and on. Actively being grateful helps me stay humble and positive about life. Often, we feel as if we would be happy if only we had that expensive car or a pair of designer jeans. BUT NO! You can be happy if you CHOOSE to be. Start by being grateful and allowing yourself to feel positive. Staying positive can induce more happiness as you realize how much you truly have.

2) Media Intake

Ironically, as a social media influencer I don’t consume a lot of media. I find that social media can often be a toxic place that induces negative feelings, either about us or others, so I limit my time in the social machine. Social media induces unrealistic expectations in our lives, bodies, and relationships because we view others through its perfect filter. Images are photoshopped to perfection so we see only the “best” part of someone’s life. We start to yearn for what they (seem to) have and in turn, we are less grateful for what we have. Our positivity dwindles and we see a morphed image of ourselves in the mirror. These negative feelings can fester as we dwell in this feigned reality, desiring fictitious lives. In the media I share with the world, I strive to deliver a sense of raw reality, but it’s difficult when it comes from the churning sea of social media. Personally, if I wasn’t an “influencer” carving my way in this space, I wouldn’t engage social media at all! Haha! As such, I encourage you to be careful what media you consume and how you consume it. This message encompasses more social media than the mainstream Facebook and Instagram platforms. Take a moment to reflect on these questions: What media do you consume that conjures negative feelings in you? Are negative feelings worth instant gratifications? I don’t think so. By avoiding toxic media, I remain positive even if life is sometimes difficult.

3) Movies, television, and music

I am also careful about the other media I consume. Movies these days are riddled with agendas and negative connotations that I don’t vibe with. Recently, I’ve found myself exiting movie theatres feeling bad. Even Netflix shows leave me feeling negative and irate. I stopped listening to new music lately, as every time I go to the Top 10 music charts, the songs are bursting with foul language and gross innuendos. All of it spreads NEGATIVITY into my mind and life, so I decided to be finished with ALL of it. I’ve never listened to the WAP songs as I know they would deteriorate my mind and probably leave me feeling extremely negative. Being negative is not my goal—being positive is my goal! Movies or TV shows littered with pornographic images or gory scenes do not make me feel good. Although music doesn’t have literal images, “dirty” songs induce yucky images in my mind. The mind is a sacred space; don’t fill it with garbage! By carefully screening inputs into my mind, I build positivity in my life. Check out my blog on why I cancelled TV to learn more.

4) Hobbies

Having hobbies is a wonderful way to build positivity in life! As we learn a new subject, our minds grow with it! As I achieve new heights and new levels of expertise in a hobby, I find myself feeling pretty good! I relate this feeling with being positive. I can feel the positivity build in myself as I accomplish a new or difficult task! Recently, I built a raised garden planter and I felt so happy and accomplished when I finished it! Now every time I gaze at the planter, I feel positive and it gives me further motivation to do more! I would encourage you to find new hobbies and expand your knowledge in subjects that interest you! Growing in knowledge will help you achieve daily positivity.

5) Self-respect and confidence

Every day I work on building myself up. We are our most difficult critic, so it’s easy to tear ourselves down. Don’t do this! We will feel negative and there is no point to tearing ourselves down when the world does such a good job trying to do it. Instead, be realistic. If I don’t feel healthy, I should change up my diet and start exercising. Exercising and eating healthy truly make a difference in our level of positivity! When I’m finished at the gym, I always feel refreshed and unstoppable! This is a positive feeling. When I eat healthy and nourish my body, I feel positive. Currently I’ve been consuming a balanced, clean meal placer HLTH CODE and it helps me feel better about myself. I haven’t suffered from brain fog in a long time or worried about extensive bloating. You can read more about HLTH CODE here. All of this relates to feeling positive! I also choose to RESPECT myself. I don’t let people walk on or berate me. Other actions coincide with respecting myself and feeling good which leads to positivity, but I’ll let you figure out what feels good and builds positivity for you.

6) Religion

This topic is a bonus because it sometimes induces negative feelings in people. For me, religion brings about a tremendous amount of positivity to my life. It allows me to view myself in a different light and find more joy in life. Any religion is a personal journey, and all walks of life should be respected. I don’t discuss religion on stream because it can lead to heated, uneasy feelings, but my religion truly brings me a happiness and positivity I can’t generate elsewhere. There are many sects of religions, and I don’t plan to share my specific beliefs today, but religion probably plays the biggest role in my positivity. I’m continually reminded how, as the world grows darker, we need to shine brighter. By striving to shine bright on dark days, I feel positivity grow around me.

I am happy to share the techniques I use to remain positive even in negative situations. Being continually positive can seem difficult, and being negative can seem easy. Don’t choose the easy road! Opt for a challenge and watch yourself grow through the process. Let me know how you build positivity in your life!

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How To Stay Positive in 2021
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