Staying Inside Essentials During Covid-19

Staying Inside Essentials During Covid-19

Maybe a flurry of snow whips about outside nipping at your windows or the covid-19 pathogen creeps around in the shadows; either way you’re staying in the house! And I’m right there with you!

Over the years honing in my true Introvert, I’ve discerned and discovered the best “Staying Inside Essentials” to maximize fun and comfort. I utilize this list mostly on weekends during my free time when I want to stay cozy inside, preferably on the couch. My Karelian Bear Dog, Kintla, is old enough to wander the backyard without my supervision, so my time is freer for relaxation. To maximize my comfort time and Kintla’s entertainment, I give her raw cow or deer bones straight from the butcher, or raw hide alternative chewies. I NEVER give her raw hide, and you can read about why here.

I’ve created the perfect Indoor Essentials list to guarantee the coziest, comfy and relaxing day, night, or weekend of your life.

knit blanket

1) Knit Blanket

While Kintla is busy chewing, I cuddle up on the couch with my favorite knit blanket. Literally, I wrap myself up like a burrito and embrace its softness. I LOVE this blanket, as I’ve had it for quite a while and it never lets me down. I still get a magical feeling from a new blanket, every time. In my opinion, blankets are a great gift: you can never have enough and they can always be re-missioned for décor or room accents. Also, if the power fails, you got blankets to warm ya up!

heating pad

2) Heating Pad

Speaking of warming up… my mom purchased a heating pad for my shoulders, and I LOVE IT! I plug it in behind the couch, so when I sit down I can wrap it around my neck. My body runs cold, so I often feel like an icicle. I’m always wrapped in a blanket and have the heating pad draped around my neck on HIGH… always! Lol. I live in a colder climate, with snow during winter months, so it can be a little rough for a cold-blooded Gubba like me! My thermostat sits between 69 and 71, depending on the day. That’s why GubMa is the best and got me a heating pad like this one. I wouldn’t survive cold months without it! Also, when I experience muscle aches or a tight back, I use it on the strained area.

throat coat herbal tea

3) Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Herbal Tea

So I’m not done explaining the coziest, most comfortable day yet. Just when you think it can’t get any comfier inside, we go further! What the heck is a cozy day without a warm drink? I’m a sucker for the occasional warm drink. From tea to hot cocoa, I have it all in my cabinets. Last year when I got sick, one of my friends bought me this Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea. Now, even when I don’t have an afflicted throat, I drink this tea because it tastes good and makes my throat feel Smooooooooth.

hot cocoa and hot cocoa bomb

4) Hot Cocoa and Cocoa Bombs

Aside from an herbal tea, I love sipping down hot cocoa on cold days. YUM! Hot cocoa is a favorite treat going back to childhood! My mom makes sure I’m stocked up on hot cocoa and buys me this kind when she comes to visit. I prefer hot chocolate with a hint of mint… so so good. If you’re feeling trendy you can check out the viral TikTok hot cocoa bombs here.

So here I am, wrapped in a blanket accented with a heating pad and sipping a magical mug of hot cocoa: literally, the perfect relaxing weekend (or day, since I tend not to leave the house as much nowadays due to the ‘rona). After my inside essentials, I crack open a book or throw on a podcast to listen to as I sip my warm drink. Literally, as I write this, I have my blanket covering me, my heating pad lining my back and my hot cocoa to my right on a coaster lol. I hope you enjoy the Gubba Guide of how to have the most coziest day ever.

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Staying Inside Essentials During Covid-19
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