The Toxic Women Empowerment Agenda

The Toxic Women Empowerment Agenda

Woman Empowerment.

This phrase evokes images of strong females taking a bold stance in a serious uprising and undertaking in recent times. I’m a female, girl, woman, she/her, and that’s why I feel inclined to write on this subject. Unfortunately, the morals associated with this movement have been injected into the artwork of the culture.

This past weekend, I flipped on my television to watch Lord of The Rings. If you’ve read my TV Cancellation Blog, you already know I’m no longer consuming traditional media shows. I opt for familiar movies with “good vibes” that I know are safe for my mind and body. The Lord of The Rings series passes my “good vibe” test. I just finished the second book, The Two Towers, and I wanted to watch the movie to parallel my read.

So I try my best to avoid shows with hidden female empowerment agendas. I mean, seriously, how can I lose myself in a wonderful romance flick, when lurking in the shadows of the plot is none other than some angry virago in red waiting to hit me over the head with her Empowerment Hammer?

But as I flipped on my television, curiosity won the best of me and I decided to peek at the current TV lineup. I was eager to know what kind of mind entanglements the mainstream streaming sites are sludging out. I scrolled through a couple “popular and new” shows and movies before one caught my eye. The premise had a bold “woman” feel, so I clicked into the Preview to see what kind of message it portrayed.

I was immediately bombarded by an overbearing, ominous female voice and a scene showing a frail senior citizen home. The words described our world using the metaphor of lions and sheep, and how SHE was a LION. The narrator discussed how the system is geared for you to take advantage of others—or be taken advantage of by others.

Eat or be eaten!

Immediately, this message did not sit well with me. I imagined a rank pot of sewer sludge bubbling in that show, waiting for unsuspecting ME to click in and be mentally ABUSED by a rancid meal of twisted morality. Their message: “Take advantage of others and don’t play fair or YOU will become the victim.” It rattled my brain. Even so, I gritted my teeth and continued watching.

The next scene featured the narrator in a court of law: a strong, empowered woman dressed in RED, sitting on a bench before a judge. The adjacent bench featured her opposition: a man asking for the court order disallowing him to see his mom, a resident of a senior citizen home, to be dissolved. The man argued that this woman in red—his mother’s court-appointed caretaker—has taken advantage of the system by selling his mother’s belongings and sedating her into assisted living. The blazing bold woman then interjected that the son has been a burden to his mother, and she is doing the best she can as a state appointed caretaker, with a smirk on her face. The judge throws out the case and upholds the order for the man NOT to see his mother.

Outside the courthouse, the red lion hails her victory and receives praise from her woman assistant for winning this case. The man, who can’t see his mother now, approaches the predator and he is angry! He goes off on her and ends up spitting in her face.

The lion spits back:

“Did that sting more because I’m a woman? That you were so soundly beaten in court by someone with a vagina? Having a penis doesn’t automatically make you SCARY to me!”

Right there, my mind twisted and I thought:

What the hell does this have to do with woman empowerment!??

To me, this scenario has everything to do with a man being angry that a “lion” is taking advantage of the state system and he, in the process, is being mistreated. In no way should he have spat on her or said the heinous things he did, but did that warrant the “man vs. woman” response?

We go on to discover that this red lady is a serial abuser of seniors. I imagine there would be angry DAUGHTERS out there. So if an angry daughter had approached the lion, would she spit back her “Man versus Woman” mantra? Or would it be twisted into:

“Well, women need to support women, so even though a woman is abused, she must support the other boss lion.”

Where does the madness end? There is truly no reason to turn this into a sexist scenario. Are those the only scenarios? A man can’t feel angry at a woman, even if she’s abusing him?

I endured that show for a few more minutes as I was curious about the woman empowerment message. I believe it defiled that cause entirely. Portraying a powerful woman as a lady who profits from abusing people and their misfortune is NOT powerful to me. This message completely misses the mark. YUCK.

In my life, I’ve been preyed on because I am, indeed, a woman. My gentle mannerisms are perceived as weakness too often, and I’m treated differently than my male comrades in various scenarios. This has a nasty odor in a world that needs to be aired.

But is it men causing this or is it just bad people?

A few months ago, I did a podcast with several other prominent woman streamers. It was evident early on that my world views did not align with theirs, including a pronounced hatred of men. During the podcast, the subject of men came up, followed by “all men are evil” comments.

I honestly had tuned out a bit, but maybe I should have spoken up, saying “Not all men are evil.” Not all men are accountable or responsible for the evil deeds of other men. Nor am I accountable, or evil, for what other women do. If this were true, we’d all be living in a perpetual nightmare. Let’s make it not so.

Why senselessly hate? If a man, or woman, is treating me different because I’m just a nice girl, that’s on THEM—not on all humans. People should be accountable for their actions, and blaming innocent others misplaces accountability and breeds contention.

You may be thinking:

“Gubba, it’s just a movie. Movies make up crazy scenarios! No need to overthink it.”

It’s not just a movie. This is a movie with a message. How could I ever sit and cheer for the case of women and think “Wow, this is a great movie. This woman was so bold asking that man if he was intimidated by her vagina. This truly is carving out a bright future for the empowerment of women.” when the story goes on to show this woman in a negative light? BARF CENTRAL.

The message is plain and simple to me: you aren’t allowed to have emotion outside of hate. You need to hate, breed hate, and live immersed in hate.

Eat or be eaten.

Lord of The Rings: Return of the King offers a much better example of female empowerment:

Eowyn, a noble woman of Rohan, sneaks off to battle with the soldiers—all of whom are men. In the midst of battle her king is knocked off his horse by the Witch King, the leader of the opposing Orc army and most deadly and vilest of creatures. Eowyn with a helmet shielding her true identity defends her wounded king against the Witch King. The Witch states that no man can kill him, but she takes off her helmet revealing her true identity, and states: “I am no man,” and then she deals a deadly blow to the Witch.

Eowyn accomplished what no man could. In my opinion, this is valiancy and depicts a woman with an empowering stance—a far cry from taking advantage of others and HATING men for no apparent reason. J.R.R Tolkien transfused inspiring messages into his writing. Hobbits were small creatures and often overlooked, and Tolkien allowed the fate of his Middle Earth to rest upon the Hobbit’s shoulders. In a similar sense, Tolkien lived in a time where women were oftentimes overlooked, but he wrote about a woman who did what no man could! I praise and applaud this author for his subtle boldness and moving messages that transcend through time. If only Tolkien were still around to create stories about real female empowerment.

Because artists like Tolkien are not allowed to create and share uplifting messages nowadays, I decided to avoid TV and seek a message-free and agenda-free life! My brain is no longer ambushed and obliterated. Thank you.

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The Toxic Women Empowerment Agenda
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