Why I Cancelled Television And You Should Too!

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Why I Cancelled Television And You Should Too!

Why I Cancelled Television And You Should Too!

It’s 2021: Corona is lurking about in all corners of the world, and Cancel Culture is in the air! What a time to live (or die, if Corona gets you!) I have to tell you though, I did cancel something this year, and I’m keeping it CANCELLED!

You may be thinking:

How could you cancel something, Gubba? Cancel culture is so toxic! I thought better of you…

Well, what if I cancelled something TOXIC in my life? Among all the madness in this noisy world, I cancelled television!

I didn’t just cancel my television; I also cancelled all that goes with it – the agendas, the pornographic images, the innuendos, the negativity, the general NOISE OF TV! I never realized the burden television is until I banished it for an entire month. My mental health is improved, and my mind is enhanced, and I’m only one month clean!

A while back I was scouring Netflix for a new show to lose myself in, and I stumbled into one with mind-numbing possibilities: its trailer bombarded my senses with dark-lit demonic orgy scenes and a story based around a kissing disease (Now, looking back after “recovering” from TV, I consider this show itself a DISEASE—like its topic—to my MIND).

As I scrolled through the different shows, reviewing plot premises, I began to feel as if most of it is really just a DETRIMENT to my mind rather than a BENEFIT. Nowadays, it seems the typical show is riddled with foul humor, overbearing sexual content, and noisy political nuance.

In the very beginning of January, I watched a new, highly-rated teenage show that at first seemed fun to watch. It started out Comfortable; then it turned a bit Sour. Sexual conversations and implications began to pervert the presentation, and I felt my mind being gradually “polluted.” Why can’t we have story-centered shows that don’t degrade our thoughts anymore? After suffering through the entire series, I was DONE with the swamp of television.

At first, this whole endeavor seemed a bit ambitious because I was accustomed, at day’s end, to plopping down on the couch and transporting into the world of TV. I needed to find SOMETHING ELSE to fill the void, and alas, I did! BLOGGING is now my favorite hobby, and my website is a massive change in direction during this time of TV cancellation. If I was glued to the charm of TV, would I be motivated to start new journeys? Naw. READING is another pastime. My mind grows as I read and engage other hobbies; contrast this to the deterioration I experienced in front of my TV, with all its lurking horrors.

As I engage new hobbies, I feel myself grow. TV time is now spent evaluating MY personal needs. My physical health has improved since the cancel, as I found the motivation to research proper diet and learn how to become strong, physically. You can check out my blog about what I do to improve my health here. Gardening is a new undertaking I enjoy as well. I plan to become self-sufficient, and I now have time to do it!

Step back and evaluate the amount of time you spend watching TV. How does it benefit you? If “entertainment” is your answer, consider finding a hobby that entertains PLUS expands your knowledge and personal growth. Start by eliminating TV one day a week and slowly work up to completely abolishing it! This is not a “cold turkey” approach where you can never watch your beloved favorite movie or series again! You can, but don’t make it a scapegoat to life anymore – just an occasional outlet.

Over the past month I watched one movie, The Count of Monte Cristo, because I’m familiar with the book. It’s a clean, enjoyable watch. These days, I don’t care to venture into new movies or a new TV series, as, more times than not, I’ve found they are debilitating. I also enjoy playing Zelda: A Link to the Past. It’s an upbeat game with a friendly narrative—so my mind is not assaulted with disturbing subtext or images. It’s a great alternative to a brain-mashed series I might otherwise be watching back in my TV days. Hobbies provide the best entertainment because knowledge growth is limitless. In learning to be self-sufficient, I have found a rabbit hole of information I enjoy “falling” into (and I will probably be falling for quite some time).

hobbit lord of the rings

My suggestion for a new hobby is to listen to a podcast on an interesting topic. So many podcasts are bubbling to the brim with information! Or start reading books. I suggest J. R. R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit as it changed my life and lead me on the most exhilarating adventure I’ve ever been on. I am currently re-reading the Lord of The Rings series, but start with The Hobbit.

If you ache to cook or bake, check out my recipes. They are beginner-friendly and leave you with a tasty result! As I find more time for myself, I will add more delicious recipes you can enjoy! Cooking and baking are therapeutic – your mind transcends reality and you lose yourself in thought kneading dough or mixing ingredients.

Outdoors is a great place to find yourself. I have found the depths of myself on some of the zig-zaggyest trails, and I feel my mind wander and join together with the music of nature. Nothing can replace this feeling, and that’s why I embark on outdoor journeys everywhere. My mind finds clarity while my appreciation for the Earth grows exponentially. If you are interested in hiking, check out my hiking essentials blog.

I want my fellow human family to be in their best shape, and I don’t believe TV will get us there. Reading, pondering, learning, and creating are possible alternatives to better ourselves and our lives. I truly desire the best for you and I can only share what I find wonderful in my life!

Happy hobby-ing my friends!

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Why I Cancelled Television And You Should Too!