Best Tools To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

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Best Tools To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Best Tools To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Brush your dog’s teeth, and do it often!

It may seem silly to brush your dog’s teeth, but I promise it’s completely necessary. Just like humans, dogs accumulate tartar and plaque on their teeth from eating food. We are told to brush our teeth every night, so why wouldn’t our dogs need to brush theirs? Unfortunately, they can’t just grab a tooth brush and start brushing, they need our help! Be proactive in taking care of your dog’s health and start brushing your dog’s teeth today! Let me break down how simple brushing your dog’s teeth is!

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I began brushing Kintla’s teeth when she was a little puppy, so she became familiar with the sensation and having my hand in her face. I used these toofers original 360 degree finger brush finger to clean her teeth. I recommend brushing their teeth daily. If this is not possible, brush their teeth at least two times a week! Start when they are little, so the act of brushing teeth becomes a familiar routine for them. You want them to feel comfortable with it, so have patience if they are nervous! Get your dog accustomed to the toothbrush by slowly introducing it. Touch it to their mouth and reward them with a treat. If they sniff it, reward them. Insert the tooth brush in their mouth for a quick moment and then reward them. Work up to a quick brush and reward them with love when you finish! This is how I acclimated Kintla to brushing her teeth.

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When Kintla’s adult teeth grew in, I switched to these toothbrushes. She kept biting my finger when I used the finger toothbrushes, and wow, that hurt! These longer dog toothbrushes allow you to brush without putting your hand or fingers near their teeth. Kintla likes to gnaw on these as I brush, so I get a new one every few months. These do a great job keeping my dog’s teeth clean, and Kintla doesn’t mind them either! You can make dog toothpaste by mixing 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon water or broth. Homemade dog toothpaste is that simple!

Brushing your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be a fun easy experience for both of you. Along with brushing your dog’s teeth throughout the week, give them chews or bones to help clean their teeth naturally.

Dog hygiene

My favorite doggie teeth-cleaning chews are:

Sancho and Lola’s Bully Sticks

Natural split antlers

Red Barn beef cheek rolls

Raw bones from your local butcher!

Happy cleaning!

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Best Tools To Keep Your Dog\'s Teeth Clean