Fun Dog Gift Basket Ideas

Fun Dog Gift Basket Ideas

Fun Dog Gift Basket Ideas

All dogs should be spoiled, right? I definitely think so. Kintla is spoiled beyond belief, and that’s why I have so much to write about! I am constantly engaged with and doting on my Karelian Bear Dog, so my blog ideas blossom as I spend time with my beautiful dog.

This past week I decided to create a gift basket for Kintla. I know it may seem silly, but you only live life once, and dogs live even shorter lives, so why the heck not live it up? I have some fun ideas on how to fill a gift basket for your dog and what they might like.

A random dude recently commented on an Instagram post of mine:

“Childless women and their dogs…”

This comment actually made me chuckle because Kintla IS like my child, so he was only partially right when he used the word “childless.” Maybe I’m a little over the top with my dog, but I don’t really care what others think lol. Who are they to judge? I bet they would just LOVE to know that I am going all-in by creating a gift basket for my pet lol.

This past week I ventured to one of Kintla’s favorite retreats—the pet store. I noticed a stuffed bunny dog toy, and I just had to get it! Along with a bunny dog toy, I got her treats, bones, and antlers to fill her gift basket.

Here are some fun ideas to put in a fun gift basket for your dog:

rabbit plush toy for dogs

A rabbit plush toy like this Sancho and Lola rabbit plush dog toy. Your dog will love cuddling with this cute plush friend or, if they’re like Kintla, they will shred it for all its worth. Regardless of how your dog handles plush toys, a plush bunny is a MUST! Kintla’s plush toys don’t last long because she exploits their weaknesses, but she has a heck of a time doing so! Sometimes I wish she was a bit more of a cuddler! Haha!

carrot rope toy for dogs

A carrot rope toy like this GOGOPETS Dog Chew Rope Toy. Rope toys offer a great way to engage your dog in a game of tug-o-war (don’t pull too hard!) These toys are extra cute, and Kintla had the giraffe when she was younger (RIP giraffe). This dog rope toy pack even comes with a little rope chick! Haha! These are great puppy toys for chewing and teething. There is no plush inside, so don’t worry about it breaking open!

bakery treats for dogs

Treats… treats… and more treats!! I filled Kintla’s gift basket with her favorite Bocce’s Bakery treats. Bocce’s Bakery does fun limited edition treats like these Banana Split dog treats. I love this brand of natural dog treats because the ingredients are minimal and I can read every single ingredient! Kintla craves these treats, and I use them as a high reward treat for completing commands on hikes or difficult tasks around the house. I love healthy treats for my dog in contrast to mainstream treats riddled with cancer causing toxins! Definitely don’t want poison for your dog!

antler dog chew for dogs

Dog chews to clean your dog’s teeth like these antlers or bully sticks. Dog dental health is important. Don’t ignore it. You could even throw in a pack of dog toothbrushes to kickstart the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth. Having healthy and natural chews for your puppy is so important while they’re teething as well!

dog basket for dog toys

A dog toy basket to encase all the dog goodies like this one. Kintla has a basket where all her toys and accessories reside, and it makes cleaning up simple and efficient. I also don’t have to scramble around the house to find her toys or treats—they’re always in her basket! These are so nice to have in a closet or on top of a crate!

I am hoping that you consider putting together a little basket for your dog and spoil them a bit. They’re only here for a short time, so why not make it a good time? You could even do something as simple as take your dog on an extra walk or schedule extra playtime. Your relationship will grow as you put time and effort into creating a lasting bond with them.

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Fun Dog Gift Basket Ideas