Grooming My Karelian Bear Dog

brushing karelian bear dog

When the morning sunlight peeks between the curtains, spring breezes twirl through the branches, and dog hair dances across your carpet—you know it’s time for pet grooming!

If your springtime is anything like mine, then you have doggie hair from here to kingdom come throughout your home. My Karelian Bear Dog, Kintla, moves even one inch and her fur flutters through the air landing on countless surfaces. The weather is warming, so her dense undercoat is mulching to the surface of her topcoat and floating to and fro. Vacuuming has become a daily necessity to avoid blanketing the carpet in Kintla fur. Through trial and error, I’ve learned to best care for my dog’s double fur coat with grooming, occasional bathing, and a healthy diet.

As the temperature climbs, Kintla begins to shed more than usual. Dropping the extra insulation is a natural response to hotter weather. Her coat becomes splotchy as the grey undercoat works its way to the surface of her black top coat. I brush her daily with this SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs and I often accumulate enough fur to coat another puppy! I love this dog grooming tool because it rakes the undercoat far better than any other dog brush I’ve tried.

When I noticed things were getting out of hand, I brushed her extensively and gave her a bath to loosen the undercoat. This worked great, but when the water drained out and she quit shaking, I had a thin mat of fur at the bottom of the tub… and on the floor… and all over the bathroom walls… and even in the living room! I recommend using a natural dog shampoo like this Natural Dog Company shampoo. I use a natural, minimum ingredient shampoo for my dog as I don’t trust her wellbeing to mainstream brands. I’ve read disaster stories about dog seizures following a bath with chemical ridden shampoos.

A bath, although furry, washes away the loose hair that gets caught in her coat. My dog does not like hair dryers, so I dry the best I can with a towel, and I had the biggest wet fur ball in the tub. A dog hair dryer like this Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer would be great for blowing out the extra fur. Forget the groomer; do the springtime dog blowout at home.

Aside from grooming products, I help Kintla maintain a healthy, soft coat by feeding her the absolute best food. I opt for minimal ingredient raw food and treats, and I know this helps her coat flourish. How do I know? Because I witnessed it firsthand during her transition from kibble to raw last year .

My Karelian Bear Dog continues to mulch her fur through the spring months as her coat thins in preparation for summer. I assist her with grooming by brushing, occasionally bathing, and feeding her food that nourishes her mind and body. She never has skin problems or allergies. It’s important to brush bathe and dry gently as you don’t want to hurt your dog or create a traumatic experience. Help them learn to love grooming by rewarding with treats throughout the process. I hand feed Kintla these treats as I brush her, and I line the bathtub sides with Dog-safe Peanut Butter while I bath her.

Use grooming time as an opportunity to grow your relationship with your dog. Happy Grooming!

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Grooming My Karelian Bear Dog
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