Karelian Bear Dog Nightly Routine

karelian bear dog with bone

Karelian Bear Dog Nightly Routine

Bones… Bones… Bones… and more bones in my back yard!

So many BONES that you’d guess it’s Halloween instead of Christmas!

Or maybe something worse, like a vast panorama from the Mesozoic, teeming with gargantuan dinosaurs scavenging the savannah, chasing and devouring everything that moves! 10-Ton Crocs, Velociraptors, T Rexes.

It’s so CRINGY back there… lol!

But I promise you all the bone fragments—rib cage remnants, sternums, spinal columns—are not prehistoric. If you follow my blog escapades you already know I have a Karelian Bear Dog My Karelian Bear Dog Kintla

My Neolithic pup LOVES chewing and gnawing on all sorts of bones, and I love to spoil her because she deserves it (every pup needs a primitive treat)! As you’ll see in my Vlog this week Karelian Bear Dog Nightly Routine I spoiled her with a deer femur, an early Christmas gift.

Another quick tip about Karelians: I’ve worked with her since she was little, teaching her NOT to be possessive over bones. She will drop a bone on command and leave it on command. This is CRUCIAL since you DO NOT want a dog possessive over food—whether it’s a deer tibia from the forest or a freeze-dried kibble from Walmart.

I can safely touch her bone while she’s gnawing on it and she won’t snap or snarl at me since we’ve established boundaries and rules.

Hunting season just ended, so a few friends were kind enough to share some venison scraps and bones. I even thawed a large deer steak in my sink from which I carved pieces to be toppers to her daily dining (picture me in a cave with stone tools lol!). At the end of the carving, I gave her a femur bone to chew on in the yard.

dog bone and raw dog food patty

I’ve learned that every dog breed is different, some more primitive in their diet than others. Karelians can handle wild meats and bones of the forest in their nutritional regimen. With the variety I’ve given her, she’s become a meat connoisseur—rounding the path from delicacies like lamb and bison to everyday eats like beef and turkey—she knows her meats and has taken a liking to venison!

Consult with a veterinarian or someone knowledgeable in doggy diets for your specific breed before you just start tossing bones out your kitchen window!

After living with her for almost a year, I’m convinced she would definitely provide for us if we had to survive in the wild. She’s a natural-born hunter. Although I can’t see myself eating mice or other varmints, I have no doubt she could fend for us both. Her breed specializes in taking on bears after all!

To fuel this brute tank of a puppy, I feed her only RAW bones for treats! NEVER cooked bones because they break into shards and pose serious threats to digestion. To use cooked bones, blend them in a blender with broth to pulverize shards; then use the mixture as a meal topper. I’ve yet to try this, but I’ve seen many videos on it.

When I got her, she was two months old and ate mostly dry kibble. But kibble dehydrates, forcing the kidneys to over-compensate, so it’s best to soak kibble for 10-15 minutes in water until it is soft (but not soggy). This allows proper hydration.

Ultimately Kintla got sick eating kibble, so when the vet recommended adding rice and chicken to her kibble, it was our Call of the Wild. I took this opportunity to transition her to RAW meat. The wolves were howling on the mountaintops and we never looked back! I noticed a difference in her coat right away—more shiny, smooth, and thick.

Raising a wilderness pup definitely poses its challenges. She saunters around constantly and is ALWAYS patrolling for some kind of prey! She lands herself in mischief more often than not lol. She’s ALWAYS on the move: digging holes, barking non-stop at perceived threats, or tugging on my beloved plants. Whether guiding me (jerking me on her leash) on our daily hikes or clearing marrow from a bone, she needs to go go go!

Make sure to check out my Vlog where I take you on a wild prehistoric journey into the Paleolithic. EXPERIENCE THE PRIMORDIAL adventure of feeding a Karelian Bear Dog RAW food (and you can see how cute she is)!

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Karelian Bear Dog Nightly Routine