Top 5 Daily Dog Routine Tips!

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My Top 5 Daily Dog Routine Tips!

My Top 5 Daily Dog Routine Tips!

After sharing my life with a Karelian Bear Dog for the past year, I definitely know her daily necessities, and I always have these items on hand for Kintla. It makes my life easier and keeps her happy. A happy dog is what every owner strives for, right? These items help care for your dog’s basic needs—grooming, training treats, and chewing outlets.

Ziwi Lamb Treats

1) I keep a full stock of these treats for Kintla.

Not only are they healthy, but they’re a great kibble topper. These Ziwi Peak treats are an air-dried food and a powerful food incentive for training as well. I struggled to find the perfect training treat for my puppy until I stumbled on these. Now I swear by them! A year later and Kintla still paws at the package to get a taste of these during training each day. I also sprinkle the powder at the bottom of the bag on Kintla’s raw meal. She licks her chops when she sees the ground lamb sprinkled over her raw patty. These treats are friendly for cats too! They are a great gateway into the world of raw feeding—you can start with raw treats for your pet first!

Sleekez dog brush


Karelians are a double coated dog, and they shed a lot! I find chunks of dog hair everywhere because my pup is currently mulching out her undercoat—it’s shedding to the surface as it renews. The SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool acts like a rake, grabbing the fur from her undercoat. No other dog brush I’ve tried compares. If you have a double coated dog, it’s a must! It is hands down the best brush for a double coated dog. Even if you don’t have a double coated animal, you might be surprised how much it cleans your pet’s fur.

Antlers for dogs

3) Antlers

Antlers are always strewn across Kintla’s bed and bully sticks are packed plenty ontop of her crate. Both are a great chew and a wonderful alternative to raw hide. You can read more about why you should NEVER give your dog raw hide here. Antlers are all natural, and great for cleaning your dog’s teeth! I’d recommend getting antlers that are already split open, so your dog can grind the marrow out. Sancho & Lola’s bully sticks are my absolute favorite, as they are only ONE ingredient—beef pizzle. I always have antlers and bully sticks on hand for Kintla… you could say she’s very spoiled.

dog toys

4) A special toy for the car only.

Dogs can be like kids—growing tired of their toys over time with repeated use (Kintla does). So I use a car-only toy to keep her interest peaked every time we drive somewhere. If she doesn’t have a toy to chew on or play with, she often cries and gets overly pumped looking out the window. A chew proof plush chew toy keeps her entertained for the ride. I’d recommend HuggleHounds for toys as they last a long time and are great for rowdy chewers.

dog bones

5) Bones… bones… bones!

I always have my freezer stocked with raw bones for Kintla. They’re a good dog pacifier and the marrow is especially healthy for them! I usually give her one bone a day, depending on how busy I am. If I need some time to complete a project, I give her a bone and she chows on it for about an hour. Longer with a bigger bone. It’s a daily treat for my dog, and she doesn’t complain! I usually opt for Tucker’s Raw Frozen Bison Bones for convenience, but you can also get scrap bones from your local butcher if you feel adventurous!

These are wonderful items to keep on hand for your dog. You don’t need a “wolf” dog like Kintla to find use in these dog necessities, even the city dwellers might love to lick up a big deer bone sometime!

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Top 5 Daily Dog Routine Tips!