The BEST Rawhide Alternatives

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The BEST Rawhide Alternatives

The BEST Rawhide Alternatives

Are you giving your dog rawhide to chew on?

STOP RIGHT NOW! I’m sorry to break the news, but raw hide is terrible for your dog. Aside from it being a serious choking or intestinal blockage hazard, rawhide has been soaked in toxic chemicals. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my Karelian Bear Dog, Kintla, to chew on a toxin-soaked death treat (seriously!).

Store-bought chemical-soaked cattle hides are treated with toxins such as ash-lye solution, sodium sulfide liming, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach, among other dangerous and noxious poisons.

Gross, right?

They say raw hide is a great chew for your dog, but the grim reality is that rawhide chews are just well-marketed toxic sludge. Walk into any pet store giant and you’ll find yourself surrounded with raw hide dog chews. Is it because raw hide is good for your dog or because the cattle industry had a waste product that needed disposal, one that was transformed into a marketing giant for millions of dollars?

Do research for yourself, and you’ll find the truth is hidden. First, remember: these are billion-dollar industries, so they basically do whatever they want (like cover up the truth). The facts can be obscure, but they are out there! That’s why I’m here telling to quit giving your dog rawhide NOW! Discover for yourself how raw hide is made and the processes used to make it “shelf ready.”

Typical veterinarians often say raw hide is perfectly fine, but they also recommend pet food brands that have pending law suits due to violent and tragic pet deaths. Who truly runs these industries? Who is feeding the information and “research” to the veterinarians?

These are interesting questions to ask and even more interesting to research! Also consider the parallels between (1) the human food and medicine industries and (2) the pet food and medicine industries. I’ll let you fall down that rabbit hole for now, and maybe I’ll do a blog on those later.

So where can you find a safe rawhide alternative in the meantime?

Let me share with you the BEST rawhide alternatives: bully sticks and brown rice flour no-hide chews. Not only are these great alternatives, but they are HEALTHY! Kintla has personally tried a variety of these two products, and she gives them 5 paws up!

bully sticks

Bully sticks are a terrific rawhide replacement. They are made directly from beef pizzle and are rawhide and grain free. They are safe for your dog to chew on (with supervision), and they clean your dog’s teeth! I personally recommend Sancho and Lola’s Bully Sticks. I get Kintla the standard size pack, and she enjoys these sporadically throughout the month. You can find these bully sticks HERE. I love that the ONLY ingredient in them is beef pizzle. The less ingredients, the better! Bully sticks aren’t bones, but they are definitely a safe alternative to rawhide bones!

Seriously, chuck those rawhide chews out the window already!

no hide chews

Brown rice flour no-hide chews have become a Kintla staple! Check out Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chews. These chews contain no chemicals, bleaches, or formaldehydes—a stark contrast from raw hide! They come in a variety of sizes, so you can purchase a size suitable to your dog’s preferences.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk as I’m extremely passionate about my Karelian Bear Dog, Kintla, and about your pet’s health too! Once you dive into the truth of the pet food industry, you’ll uncover horrific pits of lies and terrible scandals that you won’t easily shed from memory.

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The BEST Rawhide Alternatives