Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Crate Training Your Puppy

Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Crate Training

Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Crate Training

Today’s article is about CRATE TRAINING your puppy, and I will teach you how to help your pup LOVE their crate!

Check out my Vlog, where I discuss crate training my pup, Kintla, and I show you her crate. She even makes a cameo appearance in the video to show you how well she responds to crate related words. Watch HERE.

Crate training has an Arf Arf aura. Why? Because how can someone ever “lock up” their precious pooch? Yes, I completely understand the apprehension because we are essentially locking up a loved one, but that is not what crate training is all about!

If you’ve seen my Blogs and Vlogs with Kintla, you know how much I love her, and she is 100% crate trained! I could not imagine life without her crate. Her crate is truly a remarkable tool that we both have learned to appreciate!

You can find a crate like what I use for Kintla HERE.

Now let’s dive into the top three DOs and DO NOT’s when it comes to crate training! Starting with the DO NOTs:


  • DO NOT use the crate as a babysitter.

Instead of hanging out together, spending time growing the relationship, don’t abandon your dog in the crate because you don’t want to deal with them. Don’t head over to the couch and throw on a TV show, all the while listening to your dog cry itself sick. DO NOT DO THIS! If you don’t have time for them, why the heck did you get a pup?! The crate IS NOT a babysitter; it’s a safe haven for your pup, a place to relax. Do not lock them up for long, unpleasant times.

  • DO NOT be unfair with exercise and bathroom time

While training your dog to love their crate, don’t put them in the crate without exercise or a potty-break beforehand! How would you feel being locked in a box if you had to use the restroom? Same thing goes for exercise, which has a calming effect and gets rid of the jitters. Give your pup PLENTY of opportunities to go to the bathroom outside. Of course, accidents happen, but if your dog is frequently urinating or defecating in their crate, that’s your fault. BE FAIR AND CONSCIOUS OF YOUR PET!

  • DO NOT use the crate as a punishment

A great way to fail at crate training is to use the crate as a punishment! Suppose your pup does something naughty, so you put them in the crate and shut the door to reprimand them. This will associate the crate with a NEGATIVE experience! NEVER use the crate as a means for punishment. They will quickly hate their crate.

I trust everyone is reading this Blog because they LOVE their dog and want the very best for them! Maybe you are bringing home a new puppy and want to learn a little more about crate training. Since you are doing active research, you are likely a responsible owner, and I KNOW you will not be using the crate as a babysitter or as a punishment tool. You will be fair with exercise and bathroom time.


Now let’s discuss the top three DOs and how to get your pup to LOVE their crate like Kintla does!

  • DO start crate training as soon as possible!

I began crate training Kintla the night she came home with me. To be forthright, it was not an easy first few weeks! She cried most of the night and sometimes I cried with her. The sooner you get your pup on a schedule though, the more dividends you receive later on!

  • DO put your pup in their crate every time they fall asleep

When your pup dozes off on the floor or couch, pick them up, place them in the crate, and close the door. This associates sleeping with the crate and helps them get into the swing of it. Kintla used to wake up and cry until I let her out, but it’s not good to reinforce crying. Wait for one or two seconds of silence; then walk over and reward them with a treat and let them out.

  • DO give them a high-reward treat every time they enter the crate!

Make a positive association by rewarding your pup every time they step foot in the crate! Kintla is over a year old, and I still give her a high-reward treat every time she enters her create. “High-reward” indicates the treat is more desirable than kibble or perhaps other training treats, and they are willing to work for such a treat!

Visit my vlog to see how much Kintla loves her high reward Beef Liver treats! Even after a year, she’s still working hard for those beef treats.

I hope these top tips help you in your journey with crate training! Proper crate training may not be easy (it wasn’t for me), but you can do it! IT’S SO WORTH IT! Again, make sure to check out my Vlog for more jewels of crate training knowledge on the best ways to tackle the crate! Watch HERE. Please leave a comment on my Vlog and let me know how it’s going for you; I want to hear from you! You can tweet me as well!

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Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Crate Training Your Puppy