Top 5 Safest Ways To Transport Your Dog

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Top 5 Safest Ways To Transport Your Dog

Top 5 Safest Ways To Transport Your Dog

Most people, while driving on the road, don’t think about the safety of their dog.

It is stereotypical to just throw little Rufus onto a flatbed truck and zoom off down the highway while Rufus sticks his head over the side, tongue flapping in the wind. This stereotypical method of transporting your dogs is not safe. To be a responsible owner, think about the safety of your pet in all scenarios, including riding in a vehicle. Let’s discuss safe ways to transport your dog.

Kennel harness tether

1) Truck Bed Kennel or Safety Tether

First, never let your dog ride unrestrained in the bed of any truck. If an unrestrained dog sees something and jumps out while you’re speeding down the highway, then say goodbye to Rufus. Accidents happen, so try your best to avoid them. I’d suggest a safety transport kennel (which can be a bit pricey) or use a truck bed dog tether like this one. Make sure to harness your dog to this tether. If you use an ordinary collar, then you run the risk of choking your dog. Buy a special harness and leave it attached to the tether for convenience. Along with using dog restraints in your pickup, be aware that your dog is also exposed to adverse weather conditions. On hot days, the bed metal can heat up and burn their paws. Be aware and care for your dog accordingly.

dog safety belt

2) Dog Safety Belt

If you choose to let your dog ride with you INSIDE your vehicle, then provide dog safety equipment, especially if you roll the windows down. Your dog could hop out and be severely injured or die. To prevent this, use a Dog Seat Belt like this. It clips into the seat like a child car seat and latches to your dog’s harness. For a similar setup, you can also use a Headrest Dog Car Seat Belt like this. This Retractable Dog Seat Belt plugs right into the normal belt connector, comes in a 2 pack, and has a collapsible bowl as a bonus. As with the truck bed dog safety tether, don’t use a normal collar (to prevent choking).

dog zipline

3) Dog Zipline

Another great option for vehicle safety for your dog is a dog zipline like this. I personally use it for Kintla when she rides in the car. I hook it to her car harness in back, and let her zip in between the windows. It’s adjustable and the setup is simple. If your dog likes to chew, keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t chew through the line. To deter chewing, spray the line with bitter apple dog deterrent spray like this.

dog booster seat

4) Dog Booster Seat

For small dogs or puppies, use a Dog Booster Seat like this. You can safely secure your dog (preferably in a back seat) and drive knowing they are latched in. These booster seats have many positive reviews from small dog owners. Latch your dog into the booster by hooking them at the harness. This allows for stability during the trip, and no free roaming dog at risk of being tossed about.

dog seat cover

5) Dog Seat Cover

This item isn’t necessary for pet safety in a vehicle, but I highly recommend it. Dog Seat Covers are handy and protect the seats. They collect the hair, mud, dirt, and other debris tracked into the vehicle so the seats don’t have to. I’ve used this particular seat cover, since Kintla was a puppy. It’s easy to clean, and I have no issues with it. My car seats remain intact since I use a waterproof dog seat cover.

As a pet owner, make sure to evaluate different scenarios for the safety of your animal. You are responsible for their well-being and safety, so choose the best options!

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Top 5 Safest Ways To Transport Your Dog