Empty Hallways Halloween Song

Empty Hallways is my first holiday-themed song! I released it before Halloween in preparation to celebrate this fun holiday! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, and I usually creep into the spirit with various festivities.

Halloween is full of candy, spooks, and trick-or-treats! I love fun Halloween-themed crafts like carving pumpkins and making construction paper black bats to hang around the house! I don’t enjoy gore-filled thrills or cheap tricks, but I do enjoy spooky creative tales that assault the mind with creepy images. I tried my best to capture this experience for listeners tuning into Empty Hallways.

Where can I run to?

Where can I hide?

The never-ending doorways

Nightmares came to toil…

While crafting lyrics for this song, I pictured myself in a dimly lit haunted house searching for a way out. I tried to evoke the sensation of tip-toeing through by splitting the lyrics in awkward ways throughout the song. In a haunted house, you don’t know what’s lurking around the corner, so you tip-toe to avoid it.

I used to enjoy thrilled ghost movies, so I took inspiration from those stories to craft my own. Nowadays I prefer light-hearted Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus, so I kept the song theme light-hearted as well—no blood or gore! The beat is ominous and helps deliver a creepy song with a catchy beat that takes the listener on a journey through a haunted house.

I’m stuck inside this house…

Ghosts… Ghosts…

I enjoyed crafting this Halloween themed song, and I think it’s the perfect song to play at your Halloween party!