Everyday GubbaTV First Song

My song Everyday is my first “official” song EVER! I composed it back in 2018 after falling in love with the beat. Most of my musical creations start when I get wowed by a beat and then words start to flow in unison with the melody. Everyday happens to be my first official song writing experience, so this song is special to me for that reason.

In the past, my primitive attempts at song composition involved parodying the songs of other composers and writing lyrics to familiar music. Working on Everyday allowed me to create MY OWN song. I remember listening to the music of Everyday on repeat while singing my rough draft lyrics and dancing in the living room to it. Everyday is more abstract than my other story-driven songs as it repeats the same set of lyrics with a bit of a mix throughout the song.

There is something special about your first-ever piece of artwork, and that uplifting sense of enjoyment applies to your first ever music creation. Essentially, this song sparked my musical muse. I spread my composer wings on the back of Everyday and I feel I’m just now taking flight. With any artistic endeavor, we improve as we step forward, one creation at a time. Everyday has a strong, moody, emotional vibe, and I’m proud it’s my first composition.

Everyday is a great start into the music scene, and I enjoy listening to it and comparing it to my newer songs to see how my music skills have evolved. I believe my current lyrics are more aligned with storytelling, but the occasionally ad-lib song is fun to create. My voice is progressing with practice and continual pressure to improve.

If you are an artist (in any medium), I’m sure you can relate to the magical feeling of creating your “first” work of art. It establishes a touchstone to refer back to and cherish.