Fortnite Song Kid Is Dog

I wrote my song, “Kid is Dog,” on a whim, and it became my most popular song. I love playing Fortnite and I play it daily on my stream at

This game inspired the lyrics for “Kid is Dog.” It all started as a meme I began to sing, and it ended with a ring. Haha! I enjoy taking aspects of gaming and transfusing the feelings I have while playing into music.

I love this song due to its catchy lyrics and the adventure you embark on through the song. We start off by “Practicin’ my edits…” In the world of Fortnite, you practice your building edits to become better in the building aspect of the game. In the real world, anyone can “practice their edits” by exercising their skills in different areas of life. Daily, I “practice my edits” by reading books, gaining knowledge, and sharpening my mind. How do you practice your edits?

During the song, I take the listener through a typical Fortnite round. At the beginning of a Fortnite match, you pick a point to land on the map. I sing “Gonna land Salty Springs…Let’s go!” The vibe in “Kid is Dog” is upbeat and energetic—the type of vibe you need to catch a dub in Fortnite—or in life! The song follows me as I rotate through the Fortnite map, fighting enemies and chasing the coveted dub.

The day I recorded the song, I sat in front of my mic and imagined myself playing a round of Fortnite. I asked myself: What would I see as I battled through the round? And I came up with some rough lyrics. As I listened to the music, the match played out in my mind and I brought the round to life and recorded the lyrics

Gaming is a center point in my life because I play games daily and generally enjoy the different gaming worlds. Give “Kid is Dog” a listen and think about how you can start “practicing your edits.”