Make Believe Electro Pop

I like to envision different worlds for my musical creations, and my song “Make Believe” was my first real adventure into another musical realm. I feel that every song evokes a different image, unique to the listener, so I won’t share exactly everything I had in my mind, and maybe ruin or change the images it evokes for you as you listen to this song.

I create artwork for every song I compose, just as I do with every episode of my comic book series, Frankie Ravens.

It’s one of my favorite drawings. It features a girl on a rooftop looking off into the horizon of a dystopian world. The color scheme is cool with a neon smudge in the background that seeps to the front. The backdrop is littered with a boisterous city skyline. The city is alive, or appears to be, with lights that freckle up and down the buildings. This girl’s outfit (mine) has color that ties back into the neon board and illuminates the air nearby.

I love staring at this artwork as I listen because the music takes me into this dystopian world—whatever that may be. What’s she doing on that building? Where is she going? Why is she holding a gun? My mind floods with questions about her existence.

While working on the song, I imagined rain falling around me and I instantly fell in love with this creation. I KNEW the artwork was a perfect match for the beat. You can find my name, Gubba, spray-painted into the background of the art for an artist touch. Much like in my song you hear my voice throughout, in the art you see my name in the back. I try to be as thoughtful as I can when it comes to all of my art forms.