Young Dove – Memories of Eternity

Do you have memories you hope to hold onto for eternity? I do, and that’s what inspired me to write my song, “Young Dove.”

This song is about influential people who walk into our lives and are gone in the blink of an eye. Although their time with us is brief, their influence is eternal.

Pour me another glass

We laugh about class

Look at the stars

Do we live on Mars?”

I wrote this verse about a kid who made a short appearance in my life, but with whom I shared an enjoyable experience (now a memory) with. This kid was enrolled in a class I took, Chemistry II Lab, and he was in dire need of my Lab Write-ups. Late one night, he texted me asking if I would lend him my Write-ups; in return, he would pay me back with a “good time.”

Since he was an admirable acquaintance, I consented to the exchange and drove over to his house. In his backyard, I handed him the gruesome lab notes, and in exchange he shared some drinks with me as we lounged in soft plastic lawn chairs peering up at the night sky. A few drinks deep, we began to laugh and joke about our various classes and the enormity of the universe.

Although he may not remember this evening, I now have it recorded for eternity in the lyrics of “Young Dove”:

Many years ago, when we walked home

The night grew old, but we grew young”

Truly, that evening, we felt like we would never grow old, and time only captured the night away. I wanted to capture that innocent, magical feeling—as we shared it looking into the starry sky—in my lyrics and music.

One member of my community at shared with me how his Young Dove was the love of his life that he had lost too early. I was able to sing Young Dove on my stream in honor of that beautiful soul who left us too soon. This moment, as I sang the song on stream, was beautiful, and I realized that we all have “Young Doves”—whether it’s us or another person entirely.

I hope you enjoy the magical romance I feel emanates from this song. Such a romance is what I tried to capture. Did I? I hope so!