I started streaming in 2015, and three years later took 2nd place in a high-profile Fortnite tournament, winning over $14,000 in a single day. Fortnite opened up Opportunity Doors, allowing me to meet other great influencers. With many of the traditional entertainment forms waning in popularity, I found a good niche as a streamer.

In addition to streaming online videogames, I mix it up with improvised scripts and repeating themes delivered by a wide variety of custom characters I created and developed specifically for streaming. I have the original Gubba (me), along with 10 or 12 characters, including GubChef, GubPolice, GubFortuneteller, Notorious G.U.B, GubStewardess and others.You can check out my live stream HERE


Come Watch The Best Stream

Filled with laughs, games, entertainment, improvised scripts all delivered by a wide variety of custom characters I created.

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