My Streaming Setup

streaming pc

One of the most common questions I get while streaming on Twitch is:

“Can we see your streaming setup?”

So instead of actually filming my current streaming setup, I will describe it to you here in this blog. Trying to film a streaming setup would be sort of lunky and my stream room is like my personal hideout—I prefer to keep it private and off camera! Isn’t that ironic? A streamer who is on camera for their career prefers to keep their streaming room off camera.

Streamers generally start near the bottom rung of the equipment ladder and as they grow, they upgrade their technology. I started very basic—an HP factory mouse, a built in laptop webcam, etc.—then I worked my way up to this. I’d consider it a good streaming setup, if not a great streaming setup! I don’t plan to make changes anytime soon as this setup has delivered quality for the past three years and continues to do so! Of course, as technology evolves I will upgrade my streaming gear if need be. Currently, there is no equipment that would enable a significant improvement in the quality of my stream.

My current setup could very well be a beginner streamer setup. Check out my blog about Beginning Equipment here. I have accumulated this equipment over the course of my six years streaming. I have seen quite a few microphones, cameras, and even streaming computers! My setup has been gracious enough to provide me with minimal problems. Many streamers encounter a constant barrage of PC problems, which do happen with time, but I’m counting my lucky charms!

Starting a stream is an arduous process and acquiring equipment is definitely a grueling task. People are curious about a “pro streamer’s” setup, so the question pops up often. If I could look into the future six years ago to see myself now, with all this equipment, I would probably fall out of my broken chair. I am grateful and look forward to continuing the upgrading process!

My streaming PC

I have a custom-built PC by NZXT. Here are the specs (all are linked to the products themselves):

CASE: NZXT H700i (Black – Red)

POWER: Seasonic Focus Plus 850W Gold

GPU: MSI GeForce RTX™ 2080 DUKE OC

CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 GHz


RAM: G. Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB 3600 MHz (2)

SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB (2)


I love this beast of a PC as it allows me to push the limits with games and streaming. I also have an Alienware PC and swap between the two depending on where I am streaming in my house. Having two PCs allows for more versatility and ability to move my setup.


I’ve used this Alienware 510K RGB keyboard for about a year now, and I have no complaints. The keys are comfortable and not overly “clacky.” I prefer a quieter keyboard, so my Twitch chat doesn’t have non-stop clicking as I crank 90s in Fortnite.


I rotate between two mice—switching it up when I need a different feel. One of these, which I bought when I started streaming six years ago, is a Logitech G502. I got an Alienware 610M mouse last year. The grips are comfortable on both of these and they’re easy to use. I don’t have any complaints with either. I am able to customize binds to the mouse. This is useful in Fortnite, which requires multiple keybinds for builds and weapon slots. I use a large RGB gaming mousepad because I like the esthetic of the lights on my setup, and I prefer a larger area for me to fling my mouse around on. Cranking 90s sometimes gets pretty wild and I need a large mousepad to handle that.


I use a Sennheiser MKH416-P48 Shotgun Tube Condenser Microphone. I have used this one for about five and a half years. The person (a theatre producer) who recommended it swore on the quality of this mic. It gets the job done for my stream. I have had zero problems for the past five and a half years with it! It better not have issues with the price I paid for it LOL!


Ah, the mixer is where you can deliver loads of quality into your stream. I stand behind my TC-Helicon GoXLR Mixer. This mixer makes streaming SO EASY! Audio can be such a headache, but the GoXLR takes all of your audio centers and channels and pools them into one area. You don’t have to scavenge around your computer to adjust the audio of your friend on Discord—it’s already in the GoXLR program. I LOVE THIS MIXER! It’s top of the line for technology right now for streaming mixers. It does voice changers and record tidbits to replay over again for your stream along with so much more!


I use a Sony Alpha a6000 for streaming. DSLR cameras are the way to go if you use a camera on stream. I have had no issues with this camera and you can read more about how to set up this camera here


I currently use three of these Alienware 2720HF 27 Inch Monitors for my stream setup and I love them! My gameplay is smooth and they provide a depth of color to games and normal computer tasks I wouldn’t have otherwise. I don’t have any problems with screen tearing or any other problems.


I stand while I game, so I use this Flexispot Standing Desk and I don’t see myself sitting anytime soon! Standing and gaming sounds crazy, but it is crazy good for your health. You can check out my blog that details in depth why I use a standing desk and how to optimize your standing setup.


I use Bose Quiet Comfort headphones. I got gifted these lovely headphones, and they work perfect for gaming. The sound is crisp and clear and they truly have noise cancelling technology that allows me to zone in for gaming.

These are the parts of my setup that make the whole! I love my setup and have found quality in it that I did not have before. I continue to upgrade as technology permits or stream demands. Currently, this setup is up to date and provides all of my streaming and gaming needs!