Fortnite Song Press Play

My song, Press Play, is my second musical creation about the video game world. The beat is catchy with high strung bouncing and an electronic vibe that radiates the feelings of being inside the gaming dimension. I specifically wrote this song about my favorite game, Fortnite, but its lyrics apply to other games as well.

The intro begins slowly, like curtains casually drawn back on a stage to start a movie. I begin with a metaphorical message to my teammates explaining how this is a new “season” in the video game. Because of this, there are new places to land and new experiences to doscver. After the curtains are fully drawn, we “Press Play”

Pressing “Play” is a magical moment in all games. With a board game, you essentially press play by moving your figurine or by drawing the first card that is lined with directions. Video games typically present a start screen and a prompt to “Press Play.” This idea seems universal to all video games and something every player can understand. I mean, we’ve all played games before, right? Even a simple game of Duck, Duck, Goose is initiated by choosing to sit in a circle on the ground. We all choose to “Press Play” in every game we participate in during life.

This song is up there with my most popular songs because it has a gaming theme that everyone can relate to. Fortnite is a popular game, so I imagine people enjoy listening to it while they crank 90s in game or they simply desire the nostalgia of past in-game shenanigans. I personally enjoy this song because the hype melody motivates me at the gym!

Check out my song Press Play by literally pressing PLAY, and see how it applies to aspects of your everyday gamer life!